Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Does Anybody Have A Larrivee D-03

I was wondering if anybody has a Larrivee D-03 acoustic guitar. I purchased one about three years ago from a local music store. After shopping around for a little while, I was able to work out a deal with the guitar shop to order the guitar from the factory and put Bban 2 pick ups in it for the same sale cost of $835.

Everyone who plays my Larrivee Guitar just raves about how wonderful that it is.
I was searching for used guitars the other day and couldn't find a D-03 with a pick up in it for a decent price. I would really like to purchase another one.

If you have a Larriveee or have ever played a D_03 I would love to hear about what you think of them?

Here's a great place to find a guitar for sale. It's called the Guitar Advertising Forum.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When I started My Website About Guitars

When I started my website about guitars called Used Guitars it wasn't long afterward that I began to create more and more websites. The next music site that I made is called Music Stores and is a national directory of all the United States. Everyday many people visit the site searching for musical instruments on the Internet. But getting back to the first website that I designed which is called Riffs Guitar Sales. The idea behind designing the site was to get just a little bit of Ebays business and have them give me some doe instead of the huge mega sites. Well it wasn't long before I realized that my little site was no competition for the big ones. I finally ended up making Riffs guitar sales a free advertising site for musicians to post advertisements to sell their equipment.

It didn't require a lot of knowledge to start the website for selling used guitars. But I have to be honest, there was a guy that I purchased some paid advertisements from who practically laughed at my design. I remember that when I was not pleased with the service that I was receiving from his advertisements I canceled my contract with him. Soon afterwards I received a phone call and in the course of conversation, he proceeded to tell me that he thought that my website was the worst that he had ever seen. He did this in a very nice way and then asked me if I wanted him to build a site for me. I kindly responded and said "no thanks." I immediately began redesigning the entire thing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Christian Guitar Lesssons Videos

This site eventually will be dedicated to christian guitar videos. We are in the process of reconstructing the site. There will be a collection of the best videos from all over the Internet when we are finished. Thanks for visiting and we are sorry if we inconvenienced you.

Guitar Tricks

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